I’m looking for the world’s greatest assistant. I run a busy law  practice with an office in Newport Beach. The firm specializes in estate planning, asset protection and elder law. If you’ve worked in a law firm before, great, but it’s not required. What is required? I need someone who is friendly (we’ll be working together a lot and many of my clients need hand-holding), organized and reliable. I need someone with skills that include computer savvy, typing, proof-reading, and errand-running. I need someone with character (we deal with confidential matters), a good work ethic (you’ll do whatever it takes, and I don’t have to motivate you each day), and attitude (a great attitude makes even challenging days more enjoyable).  I need someone who is available one or two Saturday mornings each month.

I also need someone with some smarts. I want to be able to say to you– Please go to the county clerk’s office and find out what the procedure is for keeping the different types of tax exemptions with my Asset Protection Trusts.  Call the Nevada County Clerk for deed recording procedures and forms.  Find me a computer consultant that works for my needs. Figure out how to get a replacement cord for my laptop. Find out where to go for a marriage certificate for an elderly person who can’t find theirs. Call the probate court and find out if they need to see divorce papers for a deceased spouse. I don’t know Excel and maybe you volunteer to take a course at the local high school/college because you see it would help my practice.

What do we offer: a professional and congenial work atmosphere, a good salary now, and periodic reviews that will move you to a great salary if you show me that you are all of the above.

Respond with cover letter about why you want to be on my great team and resume to: Christine C. Weiner; [email protected].